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2nd March- Making potato prints on their Nature celebration day


Years 4 and 5 have just completed a Meadow Makers project. They began the project in January 2012 and completed it September 2012. The area they used was the edge and top space of their playing field. One of the highlights was the camera nest box where they watched a nest of blue tits fledge. Asked to say one thing they had learnt that they didn't know before the majority said "We didn't know there were so many different types of grasses"



Story telling circle and base for pupils while conducting their Bio-survey


The Class all designed their own story boards. A professional artist interpreted their work to include the pupils individual ideas.

Miss Leslie and class sitting amongst the cornflowers


Story  Board designed by the whole class


Starting work on the willow arch

Painting the top of one of the log seats. Log seats were sealed and then painted with butterflies, bees and flowers. The Lunch club took part in this part of the project.

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