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Proposed Plan for the bottom of the Parish community field

20 children from Shalfleet Primary school arrived on a very cold day to begin the planning and planting of the community wildflower meadow. The finished project will be open to all members of the community to enjoy. As well as the Heritage Lottery fund  Shalfleet Parish council are also making a contribution and will help with the management of the meadow when the work is completed.

The first session was held on 26th February. Children came for the entire day brrrrr. They measured the area and did soil tests. After the hot chocolate break children marked out the various areas, adding in the sundial circle and two paths to get to it. (not on the plan as this was a late addition) After lunch it was all hands on deck to get the planting done. All the plants had been grown at Naturezones

The year 4 children wrote

"First we met Angela and Holly ands discovered we were making a flower meadow. We were legging it up to the van to unload the materials  and tools we needed to make a start on the  project. When we got all the stuff under the gazeebo's we looked at the map. It looked really exciting. There would be two copses and a lot of flowers. After we had looked at the map we took everything down to the site"

" We were standing freezing seeing how we tested the soil. When we finally got to test it was really fun and we all got a bit muddy. Usually, the soil would be dry but because of the rain it was saturated. We were measuring the Ph and moisture of the soil"

"After we had the break, we plotted where the flowers would go with little canes and got very muddy because we were kneeling. Josh got the muddiest because he fell over in the mud"

"We had a fast walk competition down to the bottom because by then we had got cold again"

"Despite the cold this was a trip I will never forget"

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