"PLANT NATIVE" PROJECT                               

Can YOU help us to help our pollinating insects and wild bees to have a healthy diet? By helping them we are helping ourselves.

Naturezones Wildlife Education Trust has been awarded £51,900 Heritage Lottery Grant for its new “Plant Native” project.

 The aims of the project will be to work with school children and local community groups on individual projects to create native species areas within their community. Projects will be individually developed with our expert help. Community groups will be given knowledge about the importance of native species and the interrelationship between, plants, insects and wildlife. They will be provided with plants grown by our volunteers and college students mostly from seeds of a local provenance and seeds that are known to “like” growing on the Isle of Wight.

 Project manager Angela Hewitt said “A significant part of this project is to support vulnerable young people and adults who need extra support to get them back into the community and in many cases to regain confidence to get back to work.”  

This grant enables Naturezones to take the next step by going out into the community to help them develop wild flower areas with native species plants. Community groups such as churches, community associations, parish councils, and schools can all be involved. 

Project manager Angela Hewitt said “When doing our previous HLF Meadow Makers project we found it virtually impossible to obtain wild flower plants and

seed's of a local provenance. We spoke to other organisations such as Green Gym and the Footprint Trust who also said there was a deficiency. We realised that there was a need to set up a system where we could provide local communities with native species plants of a local provenance.” 

This part of the project is called “The Big Plant”. We aim to plant 10,000 wild flower plants in the community. 

Angela said “we feel privileged to be given a second grant to continue developing the message about the importance of looking after and developing our wild life habitats, with wild flower meadows being our specialty and involving a large part of the community at the same time”. 

What are Native Species Plants?

Why are native species plants so important?

Are native species plants in Britain different to native species plants in other countries?

Do native species plants vary in other part of Britain?

What does local provenance mean?

Why are native species plants of local provenance better than the same plants but from a distant area.

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